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Phuket Visa Run to Malaysia, Thai Visa Run to Malaysia

If you stay or visit Thailand for an extended length of time you will have to do what’s called a Thai Visa Run to Penang, Malaysia or Ranong.

If you need to extend your Thai Visa a couple weeks you can take our Phuket Visa Run to Ranong or Phuket Visa Run to the Andaman Casino. Join us on our luxury V.I.P. mini bus with 9 Comfortable Reclining Seats & a DVD Entertainment System for your trip to Penang, Malaysia to the Thai Consulate to update your Thailand Visa.


If your Thai tourist visa is soon to expire and you would like to spend more than a few more weeks in Phuket then you must go on a Phuket visa run to the closest Thai consulate or Thai embassy. Also from Phuket you can visit the Royal Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

If you have a multiple entry Thai Tourist Visa or have a Thai Visa Non-immigrant B you can do our Phuket visa run to Ranong. These types of Thai visas require you to leave the country every three months which takes a day our of your life but it’s the cost of living in paradise!

Thai Visa Info, Thai Tourist Visa, Thai Business Visa, Thai Retirement VisaWe will be adding updated information getting a Thai Visa and the process of getting the different types, I.E.: Thai Tourist Visa, Thai Business Visa & Thai Retirement Visa from Thailand immigration. When Thai Immigration changes we will bring you the latest news so you can be informed on the proper process and keep you Thai visa up to date. Also, check our Thailand Visa Info page for updated Thai Consulate Holidays and information related to Thai Visas.
KBV Thai Visa Run - Phuket Visa Changes 2010

Thai Immigration 2017

Thai Visa Run – New Thai Visa Rules & Changes 30-day Thai Visas have been lowered to just 15 days. Thai Border runs have been cut short due to the recent changes in Thai Immigration rules regarding overland entry. Now Foreigners entering Thailand via border posts at Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia without securing a …

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KBV Thailand Visa Information & Thai Visa Fees 2011

Thailand Visa Info & Thai Visa Fees

KBV Thailand Visa Information & Thai Visa Fees 2017 If you are getting your Thai Visa in Penang, Malaysia these are the requirements. Thai Single Entry Tourist Visa, you will need two passport-sized photos & a copy of your passport. Thai Non Immigrant ‘O’ Visa, requirements may vary depending on the case. In the case …

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